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An Assamese Wedding

An Assamese Wedding

The captivating lush hills and the mighty Brahmaputra River add to the picturesque view of Assam located in the heart of North east India. As diverse and varied is the culture and traditions of this state, so is the wedlock ceremony been practised since ages. Bhavna Baruwa (28), a local Assamese tied the knot few months back in a gala celebration and to Anghsuman Baruwa

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Know Muslim Wedding Culture better: Pre, Post and Wedding Rituals

Muslim Wedding Rituals

Muslim weddings, well known as ‘Nikah’ in Urdu differs big time with the Hindu Wedding customs. But every wedding takes place for one main purpose- celebrates the union of two souls together. Adhering of different rituals depending on the caste leads to the completion of the wedding ceremony. Lets have a look at some of these important pre-wedding, wedding and

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Famous Pre-Wedding Rituals in a Sindhi Wedding

Pre-Wedding Sindhi Rituals

Sindhi Wedding is believed to be very similar to a Hindu wedding resembling like a stem of the Hindu religion. The religion coming from the Sind, hence, the rituals, some times highlights the blend of Hindu and Sufi. In a short way, Sindhi weddings are a lot of fun with the people just needs the reason to do a Band, Baja and dance. Let’s take you through some rituals to

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Top 10 Must-Have Rituals in Every Punjabi Wedding

Punjabi Wedding Rituals

Going from ancient times till now, among the Indian weddings, Punjabi Weddings is considered to be the most ostentatious, full of life, dance, glamour, food, drinks and what not. You must have heard many times by people fond of Punjabi weddings saying ‘Shaadi toh punjabiyo di hondi hai’. So let’s take you to all the necessary wedding rituals, which make Punjabi

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Real Wedding – Shivani and Sharan Sehgal – Royal Wedding at Jaipur

Indian Couple- Real Wedding-Shaadimagic- Indian Bride

Before telling about the real wedding feature of this week, let us ask you one thing - Ever heard song , "Kuchh to hai tujhse Raabta?" (Yes- High five, No- Uggh! Just come out of rocks and google it.). Blame it on FM or blame it on beautiful vibes this story sent, this song was in continuous backdrop while I posted this story. The story is shared by a very charming and

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10 Secrets of Woman you must know for Happy Married Life

Secrets about Woman

It has become the universal truth that ‘Woman is one complex creature’ ever born on earth. To understand them is like next to impossible. If you are next in the queue to get married or you have recently tied knot, these secrets or tips to understand your woman will help you lead a peaceful and a happy married life ahead. You wish that only, right? Shaadimagic, takes

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Lavish Inspirational Tips From Big Fat Indian Weddings


Are you the one who is always holding the Delhi Times or Mumbai Mirror getting the glimpse of the Big Fat Indian Wedding updates to get ideas and get fascinated? If you are one from that lot, let me now tell you how actually an Indian Wedding can be BIG and FAT too. At the end, this piece of writing with all the lavish and inspirational tips with examples will make you

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Make Unforgettable Wedding Experience: Good tips to greet your wedding guests


A wedding is an occasion where the family tries its every means to do the best in everything. Be its venue, menu, ambiance, decoration or gifting, you want to do it in the best of manner for your wedding guests to take back with them some memorable and sweet memories avoiding the faulty ones. You surely don’t want your guests who have travelled miles to attend your D-

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Be Different in your Wedding: Interesting Wedding Invitation Card Ideas


For every would-be married couple, wedding is the most important day of life. People go overboard to try to make it special and unique unlike others. Wedding planners, themed-based weddings are utmost trendy ideas these days. The Wedding invitation is the first thing, which is the epitome of your wedding, and surely leaves an everlasting impression or you can say how the

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Make your D-Day Delicious with Unique Wedding Cakes Ideas

Wedding Cake Ideas

The Best, sweet and delicious part of your wedding is surely your Wedding Cake. Gone are the days when wedding cakes have been just about a piece of sweet in round or square shape. When it has to take the space of center stage, it ought to be special and unique in its own way. Wedding does bring a lot of planning and customization and hence, the wedding cake also brings

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