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10 Tips For The Perfect Wedding

Tips for a Perfect Wedding

A wedding day is rejoiced by the couple, family members and guests alike. A perfect wedding is any couple's dream. But the fact that it celebrates life and possibility makes it a lot more important. There is higher form of happiness in a commitment and marriage comes with that happiness. So want to know how to make your wedding day perfect? Then just read on; Have an

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7 Big Fat Indian Weddings you cannot afford to miss knowing about

Big Fat Indian Wedding

When was the last time you had been to a big fat Indian wedding? I can't disagree with the fact that these Indian weddings are exclusive in every sense. And we all love attending such weddings. Starting from the decor to the bride's outfit to the food, everything is a class apart. At a certain point in time we have all desired to have such a classy wedding. Everything

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Expectation vs. Reality – Fun Illustrations woes of a married couple

Expectation vs Reality

The day you get married is filled with lot of expectations in your mind to alter your beauty while butterflies are still fluttering inside your stomach. ShaadiMagic will take you through all the sudden changes or I should say rather breaking the expectations into the strange reality fact, which will leave you, go mum, shocked, laugh and what not. These are strange yet

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Know the real facts of Marriage with Tanu weds Manu Returns

Marriage as Tanu weds Manu Returnsa relation

For all the girls who feel arrange marriage is actually like the one we see in Reel life full of drama, romance and candle light dinner stuff, we at ShaadiMagic have used the Tanu weds Manu Returns sequel illustrative to tell you the real fact and the real picture behind the marriage and affair. After going through this funny illustrative you will know the Shaadi Ke side

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Perfect changes in Man’s life – Single vs Married

No man is ever left behind these changes, which are pretty natural in the world. There are two kinds of men we meet in daily life – one is Single and the other, taken away or Married. There are but natural changes, which you will find in every single status guy turned into the married status guy. Some changes are on the face like self explanatory ones others are just

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Wow your guests with first Wedding Dance Performance

First Wedding Dance Performance

After you see the Wedding Planner being very busy in an Indian Wedding, it is the choreographers that are the next busiest people for preparation of couple’s first wedding dance performance. Every year some innovative dance or forms of dance attract the guests in a big fat Indian wedding. Forget the bhangra these days; it is the time for the couple to perform the best

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Tips for Wedding Planning In just 30 Days

30 days for Wedding Planning

For all the people who showed that reactions ‘What’, ‘Really’, ‘Wedding next month?’ ‘How could you do it’ and stuff, the key to the cheat sheet is right here. Cutting down the panic ideas and focus mainly on the big tasks to be done is the right way to arrange weddings in just 30 days. Yes, you heard me right, only 30 days. Well, after reading this piece

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Little gestures/things to be called a Young Happy Couple

Tips to be called as a Happy couples

As they say ‘sometimes little things makes all the difference’ is actually true when we talk in a relation or between two lovely souls. It is up to the couple to make the every normal day special by doing those little things or showing small lovely gestures. Happiness is just not always about gifting expensive presents or booking a lavish tour to overseas

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New Trending colors for 2015 Summer Weddings

Color Trends for Spring Summer Wedding

It is the time when fashion sense has gone ahead from the convention color schemes to different and out beat color palette. It is the time when would be brides no more picks the red, maroon or orange and pink color lehenga’s but go for soothing to the eyes and unusual color combination like peach and grey’s to make the overlook bridal look extraordinarily rich looking

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No plans for Marriage? Here are 10 beautiful reasons to get married

Reasons to Marry

Gone are the days when staying single was considered as a taboo or suspicious. Today’s generation doesn’t indulge in the business of love and affection so easily but introspect and perceive the situations before making any lifelong commitments. It is mainly because of reasons like independent life, career goals which the youth doesn’t want to compromise for

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