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DIY Henna Treatment for Long and Shiny hair

Henna color- haircare- shaadimagic- hairstyle

Hello Ladies, Today Shaadimagic.Com is going to share  DIY Henna pack to make your locks shiny and flowing. Its hassle free and simple.While the method remains the same, some ingredients used may vary depending on your hair type. Go, grab these  - Henna – About half a cup. You can use more depending on the length of your hair. More for more length. Coffee powder

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30-Minutes Home Workout every would-be-bride should do to be fit

30 Mins Workout for Brides-to-be

So, your wedding date is fixed and you are all geared up to all sorts of arrangements, wedding outfits, trials, shopping and the list goes on. But amid all these, getting fit and having a toned and shaped body is utmost require to look the best in your most heavy and probably most expensive till date outfit, your wedding dress. Taking out time exclusively for staying fit

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Essentials for Beginners Makeup Kit before Wedding

Essential Makeup for Beginners

So are you the one in teenage and being all tomboys, makeup and girly stuff never attracted you? But now that you are nearing your marriage age and looking out for guys, you are freaked out by the thought of applying makeup and from where to start and end? Do not panic! It is the first rule for your makeup to go well and your face to glow up! Ok, now with the endless new

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Must have Makeup Essentials for every newly wed Bride

Makeup Essentials for newly wed Brides

Without denying the fact, arranging and planning the perfect wedding is a tiresome job, even for would be bride. Accept the fact, immediately after the wedding, the newly wed girl cum ‘Bahu’ of the house needs to be all decked up with makeup essentials in the minimal of the time she has due to fulfilling everyone needs and desires. Newlywed brides or the daughter in

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Tips to select your Bridal Makeup Artist on your Big Day

Tips to select Bridal Makeup Artist

Every girl dreams to become a bride or see her in the bridal wear from her early days of childhood. That’s a most natural feeling with every girl. When this day is arriving in no time, she tries her best to make the best of the moment. Bridal Makeup is something, which will make a bride look confident, beautiful and secured on the most special day of her life. So going

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5 Tips to keep in mind before your Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup TIps

The way Wedding planning is important in a marriage; Bridal Makeup is yet another important factor on your big day, after all that will make you look the prettiest! As rightly said ‘ Take care of the small little things and the big things will fall in place’. This exactly is to be followed while considering the best makeup look to suit you on the D-Day. Don’t worry

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Pre-wedding skin care and lifestyle routine

Pre wedding skin care

If you were bestowed upon by a wish to look at your best for just one day, no wonders it would be your wedding day. Unfortunately there are no ferries to fulfill that wish; it needs a lot of hard work and discipline. Yes! Even-toned radiant and flawless skin needs not only a stringent skin care regime but a healthy lifestyle as well. Lets begin with healthy lifestyle; we

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6 Steps To Get The Perfect Smoky Eye

6 Steps To Get The Perfect Smoky Eye

It is so believed that, eyes are the most quintessential feature of a face and there is definitely nothing classier than a perfectly done smoky eye. The bold eye make up somehow enhances and lights up the entire face and adds a glamorous appeal to it. The best part is, any face either with a fair tone or even golden tone can confidently carry the smoky eye do if done the

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Just. Don’t. Age.

You have seen actresses staying the same, years after years. Yes, a lot of them go under the knife. But several others stay the same through processes that are less…extreme. Here are some ways to keep that glow on, naturally. Less is more: There are literally hundreds of beauty products flooding the market. As a result of this influx, the consumer is spoilt for choice.

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Top 4 Hairstyles for Every Bride

hairstyle trend

Is there any need to explain what momentous role does a marriage play on any women’s life? Imagine the significant value of the wedding day for the bride to be. How can you end up not looking like a royal princess or an enigmatic queen on the D- day since you have been dreaming about your whole childhood? Haven’t you? Considerably a hairstyle is the essence of a

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